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  • Born August 18, 1958 Married 3 childrens
Inter-university diploma of French obesity surgery (first promotion) under the direction of the greatest experts (S.MSIKA, F.Pattou, and J.Gugenheim N.Huten).

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Surgical techniques for obesity

Gastric ring

The silicone ring is a ring corresponding to a pneumatic tire that will transform the hourglass stomach.Foods will stagnate over the small stomach and this is what will lead to satiety;This ring is connected to a housing accessible subcutaneous injection which allows the serum tighten or loosen it.

Gastric Bypass

bypass Y

bypass omega

Technical bypass , it presents a difference, because in addition to reducing the size of the stomach, the surgeon creates a kind short circuit causing food food restriction and malabsorption.Doctors believe that this operation is a success only when their patients recover from morbid obesity ...


sleeve gastrectomie

gastric plication

In sleeve gastrectomy or "sleeve" is a technique by which the surgeon removes the two thirds of the stomach in length.The technique of "staples" to create a smaller tank by stapling part of the stomach. Result, less food to reach the intestines to be absorbed
Karima Wasat evokes his operation Gastric Bypass
"Moroccan actress Karima Wasat better known under the name" Aifa "evokes his surgery gastric bypass with our physician Dr. Richard Abittan" I warmly thank dr Abittan and his team for the professionalism availability and humanity they have shown with me, thank you God there are still people in our country who are ...
  • Dr Richard Abittan chirurgien spécialiste en obesité à Casablanca

Workshop Naples

Le dr Abittan a été l’invité d’honneur à la 1 ère conférence méditerranéenne des chirurgiens experts de l’obésité MOSS!
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