Medical consultation

It takes place in several stages :

The obese patient is sent to us by a colleague or by mouth is oreilles.Il first saw the firm or are enrolled :

  • Identity.
  • Age.
  • BMI ( An impedance measurement is performed to the firm ) .
  • Medical and surgical history.
  • The type of feeding behavior.
  • Mental state.
  • Motivation.
  • Different regimes has already suffered.
  • Different drugs he takes.

Then, a complete physical examination is done to look for old scars, varicose veins … In this first consultation, a good half hour is dedicated to informing the patient about the different techniques of bariatric surgery and their complications – He ask all the questions and receive written documentation that should comment at the next consultation.
The patient, if he came to himself, addressed the nutritionist.
Then he will have to:

  1. A comprehensive assessment of blood shortly.
  2. A cardiac examination (ECG + / – ultrasound of the heart).
  3. A chest radiograph.
  4. An abdominal ultrasound.
  5. Transit upper gastrointestinal ulcer (if ring) or a gastroscopy with biopsies (if gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy).
  6. Optionally, a pulmonary function.

Everything will end with a pre-anesthetic consultation with the anesthetist at the clinic. The patient, duly convinced and knowledgeable will undergo the procedure to be revised to be programmed.


Workshop Naples

Le dr Abittan a été l’invité d’honneur à la 1 ère conférence méditerranéenne des chirurgiens experts de l’obésité MOSS!
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