Female sterility

In fact, studies have shown that obesity in women influences the metabolism of estrogens and androgens, which are deposited in the fatty tissue.

Obesity leads to hyperinsulinism which does not work well with fertility and has an impact on many other functions necessary reproduction, including the hypothalamus and pituitary. Of course, nothing is for alarm: a slightly overweight does not lead to infertility, any more than it is true to say that all obese women are unable to conceive children, but those whose body weight is above healthy weight balance should think about if they have a fertility problem.

Anyway, being overweight can also cause miscarriages and morbid complications during pregnancy. Why not be doubly careful! A balanced diet and monitored physical exercise, could make all the difference.

Note also: a weight below the body weight can cause many design problems that obesity by interfering with menstrual cycles, the normal function of the ovaries: women whose body mass index is less than 17 have 1.6 times more difficulty conceiving.

Stérilité de la femme-obésité


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