Musculoskeletal pain

Obesity causes general pain in all joints. Some of them are particularly affected: the knees, hips, spine.

The phenomena of osteoarthritis are accented with premature aging joints and disability status. Herniated discs are also common with lumbago and sciatica repeated.

Whatever the degree of obesity, physicians specializing in orthopedics or rheumatology patients often require significant weight loss, not only to improve their symptoms of fatigue or premature aging of a joint, but before starting an operation whose results might be bad.

For example, a prosthesis of the knee or hip joint mechanical causes very strong that would inspire fear in the obese premature wear of the implanted material known that life is limited.

Furthermore, we observed more frequently than in the normal population of gout, which are related to the elevation of uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia).

Other complications include tendonitis, osteoporosis is a loss of bone that occurs in general in women after menopause, which causes increased susceptibility to fractures.

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