Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea, namely the cessation of breathing during sleep, is a phenomenon usually occurs in obese people who have neck compressed.

This causes snoring interspersed with periods of complete obstruction during which no air gets done. To an untrained observer, the person sleeping seems to be holding his breath on a voluntary basis. In fact, the person suffering from sleep apnea, is not at all aware of the existence of the problem or only slightly out she sleeps and wakes up frequently during the night.

The effects of sleep apnea on health can be severe. Indeed, hypertension, cardiac rhythm disturbances and sudden death may result from this problem.

Les personnes qui en souffrent se réveillent épuisées et s’endorment souvent pendant la journée et parfois même en conduisant.

This condition is associated with a high mortality rate and even puts the lives of others in danger.

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