Gastric ring

The silicone ring is a ring corresponding to a pneumatic tire that will transform the hourglass stomach.

Foods will stagnate over the small stomach and this is what will lead to satiety;

This ring is connected to a housing accessible subcutaneous injection which allows the serum tighten or loosen it.

This is an intervention that can reduce reverscible 50% excess weight within 12 to 18 months.

The term reversible is revised downward because the ring ablation is more difficult than laying. !

It is aimed perfectly to patients under 35 years with a BMI less than 35.

The disadvantage is: inéficacité in his big eaters of liquid sugars (ice cream, chocolates, sweetened juices). This drawback is overtaken by awareness.

Our team has put over 1300 rings with an average length of stay of one day and an operation lasting less than 30 minutes.

Anneau gastrique-ang
principle Restrictive Technique which decreases the volume of the stomach and slows the passage of food. It does not interfere not digest food. A ring (whose diameter is changed) is placed around the upper part of the stomach, thus delimiting a small pocket. Few foods are needed to fill the pocket and satiety appears quickly. Food will flow very slowly according to the principle of the hourglass.
characteristic Only technical adjustable The ring is connected by a tube to a control box under the skin. This ring can be tightened or loosened by injecting a liquid into the housing, through the skin. Radiological monitoring is required when monitoring. The ring can be removed during reoperation in case of complications, inefficiency or patient’s request.
Weight loss expected Of the order of 40 to 60% of excess weight, which corresponds to a weight loss of about 20 ¹ to 30 kg. the back on the results of 10 years. In case of withdrawal of the ring, weight regain is common.
Average duration of the intervention² 30 minutes
Mean duration of hospitalization³ 1 day
Mortality intervention 0.1%
Principal risks of complications Mechanical complications may occur after surgery, even after several years

  • Housing problems infections, displacement of the housing under the skin, pain at the site of the casing, out of the tube connecting the housing and the ring;
  • Band slippage and pouch dilatation above the ring can cause severe vomiting or inability to eat;
  • Disorders of the esophagus (reflux esophagitis, motor disorders …)
  • Lesions of the stomach caused by the ring (erosion of the stomach, migration of the ring).

A new intervention may be necessary to remove the ring or perform another technique obesity surgery.

¹. For a person of average height (1.70 m) with a BMI equal to 40 kg/m2.
². In the absence of complications during intervention.
³. In the absence of complications after surgery.


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