Psycho nutritional

Obesity and mood disorders are entangled. They are part of a vicious circle difficult to break. Surgery for morbid obesity is an extraordinary discovery because it allows to act on the stomach and intestine. She does not act on the brain, it does not allow selection of food. This means the need for psycho-nutrition especially the first year post-operative, or coaching.

Obesity interventions allow rapid satiation with solid food protein intake (meat, chicken, fish) and not with liquid foods and sweets. The food selection is the result of a good psychological balance.

Our team has a psycho-available highly qualified nutritionist.

We must remember that the stomach is filled with volumes that cause the brain satiety only selects the quality of these caloric volumes.

psycho nutritionnel-obésité

Workshop Naples

Le dr Abittan a été l’invité d’honneur à la 1 ère conférence méditerranéenne des chirurgiens experts de l’obésité MOSS!
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