In sleeve gastrectomy or « sleeve » is a technique by which the surgeon removes the two thirds of the stomach in length.

The technique of « staples » to create a smaller tank by stapling part of the stomach. Result, less food to reach the intestines to be absorbed by the body. Moreover, the section of the upper part removes the stomach manufacturing a hunger hormone: ghrelin.

This procedure allows a reduction of 70% of excess weight over a period of 12-18 months. It also has a role in the treatment of diabetes. It is available for full morbid obesity with BMI of more than 35-40 patients over 35 years.

Son avantage par rapport à l’anneau est l’absence de corps étranger et de dépendance du serrage-désserrage du boitier.

There is a risk of fistula ie of dropping a clip: view quickly this complication is treated according to regulations.

Our team has completed more than 950 sleeve, with an average length of stay of 2 days.

Sleeve gastrectomie-eng
principle restrictive Technique of removing approximately two thirds of the stomach and, in particular, the part containing the cells that secrete the hormone that stimulates appetite (ghrelin). The stomach is reduced to a vertical tube and food passes quickly through the intestine. In addition, the appetite is decreased. This technique does not disturb the digestion of food. The sleeve gastrectomy is sometimes the first step of a biliopancreatic diversion.
Weight loss expected The order of 45 to 65% of excess weight after two years, which corresponds to a weight loss of about 25 to 35 kg ¹. The decline of these results is 2 years.
Average duration of the intervention² 45 minute
Mean duration of hospitalization³ 2 to 3 days
Mortality intervention 0.2%
Principal risks of complications
  • Ulcers, leakage or narrowing of the stomach remaining;
  • Early postoperative bleeding;
  • Possible nutritional deficiencies (monitor);
  • Gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn and food into the esophagus) and inflammation of the esophagus;
  • Dilatation of the stomach;

¹. For a person of average height (1.70 m) with a BMI equal to 40 kg/m2.
². In the absence of complications during intervention.
³. In the absence of complications after surgery.

In our experience, we realize two types Sleeves:
1. Classical Sleeve with section stapling

Sleeve gastrectomie
2. Gastric plication without section of the stomach: the stomach by Boudinage nonabsorbable son. This Technology is not validated in France but it is widely used successfully in Iran in Lebanon and European centers of expertise.

plicature gastrique


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