Surgical treatment

Morbid obesity is associated with a greatly reduced life expectancy. No medical or dietetic offers an alternative controlling both hypertension, apnea, orthopedic complications, …, associated with overweight.

Based on a preoperative serious and rigorous selection (psychological, dietary, gastroenterology, …) gastroplasty per ring is considered in our experience (over 1250 cases) and in the medical literature as the method of choice for Surgical treatment of morbid obesity in patients under 30 years with a BMI less than 35 and not eating sweets. The sleeve gastrectomy is an excellent operation for the super-obese (BMI greater than 50), and an excellent transaction for patients over 35 years with a BMI greater than 35 and not eating sweets. It significantly improves diabetics.

Bypass is considered the GOLD STANDARD of obesity surgery: It is aimed at hardcore eating sweets, patients with a BMI greater than 40, and can cure diabetes.

Monitoring long-term (24-66 months) of 500 patients consecutively operated shows positive responses confirmed for hypertension (96%), the sleep apnea syndrome (91%), diabetes (85%), reflux esophagitis (76%), orthopedic problems (74%) and cardio-respiratory failure (74%).

The choice of surgical technique depends on the age of the patient, his BMI and eating behavior.

This is why we ask PDC a ring to a young non-obese eating sweets with a BMI between 30 and 35; Gastric By Pass one obese over 35 years, sweet-eater and why not diabetic, whose BMI exceeds 35, a sleeve gastrectomy in super-obese or an obese over 35 years not eating sugar with a BMI greater than 35 or greater than 50.

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