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Gastric band

The ring is a silicone ring corresponding to an inflatable tire that will transform the stomach into an hourglass. Food will stagnate above the small stomach and this is what will lead to satiety

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Gastric Plicature

Sleeve gastrectomy is a technique in which the surgeon removes two thirds of the stomach inlength. The “staples” technique makes it possible to create a smaller reservoir by stapling a part of the stomach.

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The bypass technique has a difference, because in addition to reducing the size of the stomach, the surgeon creates a kind of food short-circuit resulting in food restriction and malabsorption.

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Dr Richard Abittan chirurgien spécialiste en obesité à Casablanca


Dr. Abittan is the leading surgeon in Morocco in the field of obesity since the 2000s.
His 17-year experience in laparoscopic bariatric surgery is recognized worldwide and he regularly teaches his methods to the best bariatric centers in the United States as part of the ASMBS.

Apart from patients in Morocco, Dr. Abittan has a established reputation in France, other European countries and the United States.




this takes place in several stages:

The obese patient is addressed to us by a colleague, by word of mouth or even from internet. We then take the following information :

  1. His ID.
  2. His age.
  3. His BMI (an impedancemetry is performed in the office).
  4. His medical and surgical history.
  5. His type of eating behavior.
  6. His psychic state.
  7. His motivation.
  8. The different schemes he has already undergone.
  9. The different medications he takes.

Then, a complete clinical examination is done in search of the old scars, varicose veins … In this first consultation, a good half-hour is devoted to the information of the patient on the different techniques of bariatric surgery and their complications – He will ask all questions and will receive written documentation to be commented at the next consultation.


Le patient, s’il est venu de lui-même, est adressé au nutritionniste.
Ensuite, il devra faire :

  1. Un bilan de sang peu exhaustif.
  2. Un examen cardiaque (ECG + /- échographie du cœur).
  3. Une radiographie des poumons.
  4. Une échographie abdominale.
  5. Un transit oeso-gastro-duodénal (si anneau) ou une gastroscopie avec biopsies (si gastric by pass ou sleeve gastrectomie).
  6. Éventuellement, une exploration fonctionnelle respiratoire

Le tout sera clôturé par une consultation pré-anesthésique avec l’anesthésiste à la clinique. Le patient, dûment convaincu et bien informé de la procédure qu’il va subir sera revu pour être programmé.




Bariatric Surgeon

A leading surgeon in Morocco for obesity since 2000, he has successfully operated more than 4500 bariatric procedures.


Specialist In Bariatric Nutrition

With over 30 years of experience in developing nutritional programs. Maria benjelloun has become an expert in bariatric nutrition for more than 10 years. She accompanies patients during the entire pre and post-bariatric journey


Intensive Care Anesthetist

Dr. Radouane Oussama is a intensive care anesthetist, specialized in anesthesia of the obese patient. His fields of expertise intensive care and anesthesia are varied, but he is particularly interested in the bariatric anesthesia he has perfected in the best European and American hospitals: Jean Mermoz Hospital in Lyon, Clinique du Parc in Lyon and Weill Cornell Hospital in New York.


Operating Aid

I have been working with Dr ABITTAN since 1999. All my training has been based on companionship. Dr. ABITTAN calls me his shadow and his eye. I am actually who hold the optics of the camera throughout the intervention.


Patients rating and comments

Sleeve Gastrecomie made in November 2017
My dream of being a slim day and in good shape is realized, I weigh 68 kg, I feel very well with no physical or psychological suffering I did my blood tests and have no deficiency, everything is ok, no diabetes so everything is going well.
Marie Christine
Having always had weight problems, I decided to proceed to gastric Sleeve, something I could not do in France because of my BMI considered “too weak”. I was 94 kilos for 1m71.
Dr. Abittan is very reassuring and he knows what he is talking about and the whole team is listening. I weigh ajd 73 kilos which makes me a loss of 20kilos.
Sleeve Gastrectomy made in October 2016
from France with love where kilograms fly away !
Thanks again for everything when I was in Casablanca, I would have to come back and especially thank everyone.
A new look certainly but I am always the same and proud to have come and proud to testify to this beautiful experience.

Sleeve Gastrectomy made in May 2017
Today 70 kg, this is 34 kg less since May 04. I have never felt so good.

still have 5 kg to reach my goal,

thank you all for changing my life.

Sleeve Gatsrectomy made in January 2018
I would like to thank you for the attention you have given this week and your services so well done.
I’m back in France and I’m doing very well.
See you soon