Medical team

Multidisciplinary trained and experienced

Our team of dedicated experts have extensive experience in weight management, having cared for thousands of patients. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to working with our patients to provide them with the highest level of care and support based on their individual needs.

We are all leaders in our respective areas of weight management and share a common goal: excellence in everything we do.

Dr. Abittan’s team is multidisciplinary and includes surgeons, dieticians, specialist nurses, and anesthetists.

team composition

Several specialist doctors and paramedics

Bariatric Surgeon

Specialist in post-bariatric nutrition


Operating aid

Medical consultation

First consultation

It takes place in several stages
The obese patient is either referred to us by a colleague, or by word of mouth. He is seen for the first time at the office where they are registered :

1. His identity, his age.
2. His BMI ( Impedancemetry is perfomed in the office ).
3. His medical and surgical history.
4. His type of eating behavior.
5. His mental state, his motivation.
6. The different diets he has already undergone, the different medications he takes.

Then, a complete clinical examination is made in search of old scars, varicose veins…
In the first consultation, a good half hour is devoted to informing the patient about the different techniques of bariatric surgery and their complications –
He will ask all the questions and receive written documentation that he will have to comment on during the next consultation.

Second consultation

Second consultation process
The patient, if he came by himself, is addressed to the nutritionist.
Then, he will have to do :

1. A blood test that is not exhaustive.
2. A cardiac examination (ECG + /- echography of the heart).
3. An X-ray of the lungs.
4. An abdominal ultrasound.
5. An oeso-gastro-duodenal (if gastric ring) or a gastroscopy with biopsy (if gastric by pass or sleeve gastrectomy).
6. Possibly a functional respiratory exploration

Everything will be closed by a pre-anesthetic consultation with the anesthesiologist at the clinic.

The patient, duly convinced and well informed of the procedure he will undergo will be reviewed to the scheduled.