Gastric band


The ring is a silicon ring corresponding to an inflatable tyre that will turn the stomach into an hourglass.

The food will stagnate above the small stomach and this is what will cause satiety

This ring is connected to a box accessible under the skin, which can be tightened or loosened by injection of serum.

It is still perfectly suitable for patients under 18 years of age with a BMI below 35 or over 18 years of age with a BMI between 28 and 32

Dr Richard Abittan has performed over 1500 gastric banding procedures to date.

Gastric banding is a relatively simple procedure, with an average hospital stay of 1 day. Gastroplasty should result in a loss of 40 to 60% of excess weight, which corresponds to a weight loss of about 20 to 30 kg¹.

These results have been reported for 10 years. If the ring is removed, weight regain is usual. It is said that this method is completely reversible, but this is not true, because the removal of the ring is more difficult than the installation!

Snacking and the ingestion of overcooked foods is the main factor in the failure of the method.
Its ineffectiveness with heavy eaters of liquid sugars (ice cream, chocolate, sweetened juices). This disadvantage is made up for by awareness.

  • Average duration of the intervention: 30 minutes
  • Average length of stay: 1 day

Mechanical complications can occur after the operation, even after several years:

  • Casing problems: infections, displacement of the casing under the skin, pain at the location of the casing, rupture of the tube connecting the casing and the ring.
  • Slippage of the band and expansion of the pouch above the band, which can lead to severe vomiting and even the inability to eat.
  • Oesophageal disorders (reflux, oesophagitis, motor disorders, etc.)
  • Damage to the stomach caused by the band (stomach erosion, band migration).
    A new operation may be necessary to remove the band or to perform another obesity surgery technique at the same time or at a later stage.
  • The mortality rate for the procedure is 0.1%.

The banded patient is not obliged to take vitamins postoperatively

Before leaving the clinic, an orthopaedic surgeon will come and measure your belly to provide you with a tailor-made girdle, to prevent excessive sagging of the skin.