Nissen sleeve


It is a surgical operation which is carried out in 2 stages, the first stage consists of tying up the oesophagus, through the stomach after having lowered a part of it which was in the thorax.

The second step consists in performing the classic sleeve. This operation is suitable for obese patients who have a hiatal hernia of more than 3 cm, with gastric reflux and who refuse a bypass

Dr Abittan and his team have performed over 100 N-Sleeves to date.

Virtually no postoperative fistula, healing of reflux.

With this technique, weight loss is assured but less rapid

  • Average duration of the intervention: 1h30
  • Average length of stay: 2 days
  • Complications : The patient may have difficulty swallowing during the first month (dysphagia), but this is resolved after the second month.
  • Vitamin therapy: The sleeved patient should take vitamins from the first month for one year (MVM PROWELL – SURGILINE – FITFORME)

Before leaving the clinic, an orthopaedic surgeon will come and measure your belly to provide you with a tailor-made girdle, to prevent excessive sagging of the skin.