You must purchase and bring :
Omeprazole 40mg injectable ou inipomp 40 = N°6
Trémadol ou Tramal suppositories (3 boxes)
Doliprane 1g suppositories (3 boxes)


You should buy anticoagulants according to your BMI :
Lovenox 0,2 (the 1st injection is given subcutaneously the day before the operation)

Explanations will be given to you concerning the post operative protocol and according to your BMI (15 days protocol in general)


When you see your surgeon to schedule the operation, he or she will give you a prescription for custom-made compression stockings.
You will need to buy compression stockings!


As soon as you have decided to have the operation, you should start the following treatment for 7 days :
Clarithromycine 500 = 1tb x 3
Metronidazole 500 = 1tb x 3
Esomeprazole 40 = 1tb x 2
Amoxicilline 1g = 1tb x 3