Who I AM?

Dr Abittan is the leading obesity surgeon in Morocco since 2000, and has successfully operated over 4,500 bariatric procedures.

His 19 years of experience in laparoscopic bariatric surgery is recognized worldwide and he regularly teaches his methods at the best bariatric centers in the United States as part of the ASMBS.

Apart from the patients from Morocco, Dr Abittan is very well known in France, in other European countries and in the United States. It regularly receives foreign surgeons in its center in Casablanca for practical training in the form of workshops or workshops.

  • Hospital surgeon
  • Former assistant at Paris hospitals
  • Digestive and bariatric surgery
  • Endocrine and vascular surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Obesity surgery
  • First diploma in bariatric surgery (first promotion) under the supervision of the important experts (S.MSIKA, F.Pattou, J.Gugenheim et N.Huten).

Adress : 22, Rue Najib Mahfoud (ex. Rue Ollier)  Gauthier area – Casablanca
Phone : +212 522 22 43 78/+212 522 48 36 42
Fax : +212 522 26 82 00



Hospital boarding school


Clinic director/ Paris hospital assistant


Hospital practitioner


Medical doctorate


Laparoscopic surgery activity

More than 1,500 operations per year (Vesicles-stomach-wall surgery colon rectum esophagus ovaries uterus)


Bariatric surgery activity

    • Gastric band (1500)
    • By pass (1200)
    • Since 2009 Sleeve Gastrectomy (1,800 including 200 gastric plicatures et 100 N-Sleeves)

Since 2013

more  than100 obeses are operated on every month  : 1st ou 2nd 

1st  : primary operation

2nd :  transformation from one bariatric operation to another

  • The indications of restrictive gastroplasties in Morocco (national congress of surgery 2006).

  • Intragastric ring migrations (Nice. SOFFCO 2009)

  • The state of play of morbid obesity in Morocco (Tangier-2003)

  • Place of malabsorptive surgery in Moroccan diabetics.

  • Which obese for which surgery in Morocco? Maghrebian Surgery Congress 2010

  • State of play of Bariatric surgery in Morocco: Montpellier. SOFFCO 2012)

  • The course of the obese patient in Casablanca (February 2015 rabat society of endocrinology)

  • Diabetes and gastric Bypass (Tunis 2014)

  • The course of the obese patient in a liberal environment before / after surgery (Naples 2016)

  • Bypass and Diabetes (Marrakech November 2017)

  • Undernutrition and Bypass in Omega (Marseille 2018)

  • «How I do the N-Sleeve” (Marseille 2019)

  • Member of ASBMS (American Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery)

  • Member of the IFSO (International Federation Of Obesity Surgery)

  • Member of the French Society of Obesity Surgery (SOFFCO)

  • Member of the French Surgery Association (AFC)

  • Member of the French association of endoscopic surgery (SFCE)

  • Member of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES).

  • Member of ACLAVINE (Association of Laparoscopic and Visceral Surgery of the North East)

  • International Fellow of the American Society of Bariatric Surgery

  • “International Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. IFASMBS ”

  • Professor Simon Msika. Louis Mourier Hospital (Paris-France).

  • Professor François Pattou. Lille University Hospital (France).

  • Dr Salomon Benchetrit. Jean Mermoz private hospital. Lyon (France) and Parc Lyon clinic. 

  • Professor Alfonso – Pomp Cornell Hospital – New York

  • Dr Marc Danan : Toulon
  • Pr David Nocca : Montpellier
  • Dr Guillaume Pourcher – Institut Monsouris – Paris
  • Pr François Pattou – Lille
  • Pr Robert Calazzio – Lille
  • Pr Jean-Michel Siksik – Paris
  • Pr Ianelli – Nice
  • Dr Jean-Marc Chevalier – Hopital Georges Pompidou – Paris
  • Dr François Hacquin – Nice
  • Dr Eric Magnes – Bordeaux
  • Dr Pierre Blanc – Gap
  • Dr Martin Guenzi – Dijon
  • The company PROWELL NUTRITION leader in food supplements for obese patients.

  • The Obesinov company, the new generation of tailor-made compression 


June 2017

Dr. Richard Abittan and his team were awarded the highly prized Certificate of Labeling from ASMBS, the American Society for Obesity and Metabolic Disease Surgery.


Sleeve Gastrecomie done in November 2017
68 kg achieved weight
My dream of being slim and fit one day has come true, I weigh 68 kg, I feel very well without physical and psychological suffering, only happiness
I have done my blood tests, I have no deficiencies, everything is down, no diabetes so everything is going well


Sleeve Gastrectomy done in October 2016

18 kg lost in 6 months

A little hello from France where the kilos are flying.
Thank you again for everything when I was in Casablanca, I should come back to visit and especially thank everyone.
A new look for sure but I am still the same and proud to have come and proud to testify of this beautiful experience.


Sleeve Gastrectomy done in May 2017
34 kg lost in 1 year

Today 70 Kg, that’s 34 Kg less since 04 May. I have never felt better.
I still have 5kg to go to reach my goal,
Thank you all for changing my life.